Google should adore you in the same way that we do.

If you’re not first (on the page), you’re last. You must always put in effort to improve your rating, and we never give up. Here’s how we can help you boost your Search Engine Optimization.

Step One

Site Audit

A site audit is the process of determining how you compare to best practises. It is one of the initial phases in developing an implementation strategy. We may accomplish this in a variety of methods, some of which are described below for convenience…

User Evaluation
Heat Mapping – Use numerous heat maps and parameters to visualise user behaviour.
Data collection – visibility of where visitors leave, understanding of reasons, and getting to know the audience using tools integration
Session recording enables you to examine what your website visitors view and how they interact with page content.

Step Two


Following a thorough Site Audit (which isn’t as horrible as it sounds), we’ll make advice on how to improve your page rankings. It’s not going to be easy, but with our assistance, we can help make steady progress to those lovely first pages of Google.

Step Three


Process of cleaning and cutting. We take our recommendations and put them to use.

Step Four


This is a never-ending process. Search Engine Optimization is always evolving, and your competition are constantly developing, therefore we must keep ahead of the game. Processes 1-3 are conducted on a continuous basis to ensure that you do not fall behind.